Monday, 17 June 2013

Wills and Estate Planning Tips

Carefully drafting your wills and estate plan ensures that your assets go to people for whom they are intended. However, creating an estate plan may require that you get expert help to ensure that everything will go as planned when the time comes for your estate to be distributed.

Here are some tips on successful wills and estate planning from Sydney’s Inner West professionals CM Lawyers.

Take the time to carefully plan
As with anything, time is crucial for estate planning. Many people put off planning until later, when others are already questioning their ability to make proper judgment and decisions. But for some, the real reason for the hold up is their lack of knowledge on how to get things started. The best way to get started is to consult with legal experts right away.

Draw up a solid plan
If you don’t have an estate plan, the government has one by default. However, it will lack all the considerations that you may already have in mind. A lot of your assets won’t go to the people concerned. In fact, a huge part of your asset will be used to pay the government taxes before your loved ones can obtain your properties.

Creating a plan now with the help of a lawyer will help ensure that all your assets will be distributed among the people you truly care.

Protect your assets from unscrupulous individuals
Some people with ill intentions are on the lookout for your every move when it comes to preparing your wills. That’s why, it is crucial to protect your assets with legal documents to ensure that only you and the people for whom your assets are intended will have access to them.

Consider your life insurance options
Getting a life insurance will also help protect your assets. In most states, life insurance benefits are tax-free, which means that the insurance proceeds that your loved ones will get should anything happen to you are paid in full.

If you haven’t drawn any estate plans, the insurance proceeds that your loved ones get after your death can be used to pay the taxes on your estate.

Regularly update your wills and estate plan
This is one of the things you need to do right away when there are changes such as your net worth, address, marital status, number of dependents and other legal obligations. Make a point of going over your estate plan once every year.

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